Commence Screaming

Hi. If you'd like to engage with me directly instead of just creeping on what is essentially a link page to better places, I suggest you find me on Mastodon which, as of August 2023, seems to be the only reasonable social media platform for thoughtful folks. As I say on my profile, I give you fair warning: I post about product and design, soccer, cooking, family, cats, and whatever has my interest in the moment.

Who I am: A loving, kind, and generous friend, a doting father, a serious professional, an unserious shitposter, a product profesional, software designer, UX enthusiast, drummer, and proud son of Cascadia.

Fiercely anti-fascist, fiercely pro-love-your-neighbor.

Find me posting about the following topics online:

Autism & ADHD ADHD Mentoring young professionals Product Development Design User Experience (UX) Accessibility Usability Agile Software Development Sobriety Sobriety and even more Sobriety Recovery Portland Timbers FC Portland Thorns FC USWNT USMNT #MastodonFC FIRST Robotics Competition Electric Vehicles The Ford F-150 Lightning (I own a 2023 Pro) and other geekery.